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logic c
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Key Features


  • Flexible bagger for a large range of bag shapes: D-Bag, Quad, Block Bottom, and Pillow
  • High speed intermittent motion with precise film control
  • Stepper motor-driven pull belts
  • Modular design for easy changeover allowing future reconfigurations
  • User-friendly HMI panel with interactive graphics
  • Self-centering pull belts
  • Laterally adjustable backseal platen


Production Rate 

    Up to 95 packages per minute
    Package Range

    Minimum Width:
    220 model: 55mm (2.16”)
    350 model: 55mm (2.16”)

    Maximum Width:
    220 model 200mm (7.87”)
    350 model 310mm (12.2” )


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