Vertical Machines

Vertical Machines


BW Flexible Systems is a global manufacturer of flexible packaging machines that fill and bag thousands of food and non-food products. Our packaging systems are designed and manufactured to maximize the efficiency and lifetime value of our customers’ packaging lines. Our range of flexible packaging machinery includes form-fill-seal, feeding, bag filling and sealing, pouch-making equipment, flow-wrap, reclosable packaging solutions, palletizing, stretch-wrapping and more.

When you partner with BW Flexible Systems, you get more than just equipment. All of our products and installations are backed by our lifetime service plan. No matter how long you utilize your flexible packaging equipment, we will provide service and technical support.

Numerous big companies from the packaging sector belong in the group of BW such as Hayssen, Sandiacre, Schib, Rose Forgrove and Simionato.

Since 1963 Simionato offers unique and fully integrated solutions, using its own technology and know-how manufacturing products in Italy, in the field of flexible plastic packaging bags downdraft products. With over 5,000 installed machines and packaging lines worldwide, provides solutions ready for deployment from film production to the final product bag. By the end of 2011 merged with the large packaging group of HayssenSandiacre.
Simionato offers a range of nine types of vertical machines, inclined (45 degrees), adjustable tilt (25-55 degrees), fully painted steel or stainless steel , with pneumatic or servo moving welding jaws, standard or large sizes covering the bag requirements of almost any product or vertical application packaging.
Due to the modular structure of each machine and their excellent flexibility, customers using the appropriate accessories can build fast, reliable and with low cost almost any type of bag: cushion, pleated, flat bottom, double bottom (more & bottom), ironed edges, doypack type bags (Dbag), recloseable bag with zipper, new type Flex Can & Push Pop bags and others. Great house expertise in handling and packing the most difficult products such as fragile / brittle products , sticky, frozen, chopped salads and more.
In summary, its entirely own manufacturing solutions (vertical machines, weighing/dosing systems , conveyors and auxiliary machines), its flexibility and its completely customer specified solutions are the main ingredients of success of this company.
For more information on vertical Simionato machines do not hesitate to contact us or browse their website

Vertical Packaging Unit Simionato

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