Meat - Ham - Poultry

  • Horizontal packaging machines (flowpack) for fresh or frozen meat products (pieces of meat, kebabs, burgers, etc. ..), sausages and poultry in individual or multiple packaging, plastic / paper trays or not. In modified atmosphere or vacuum (through shrinking tunnel). From simple manual product feed to integrated automatic packaging lines.
  • Vertical packaging machines for frozen meat products (hamburgers, meatballs, etc.) or poultry in any standard type of bag (pillow, flat bottom ironed edges, doypack, zipper bags, etc.). Individual vertical machines, weighing systems or integrated packaging lines ready for deployment.
  • Machines for packaging fresh meat products (pieces of meat, minced meat, hamburgers, etc.), sausages (sausages, ham slices, etc.), poultry in plastic or cardboard sealed trays (tray sealers) and thermoformed trays (thermoforming machines). With or without the use of modified atmosphere (MAP) or vacuum (vacuum packs or skinpack). From simple machines to automated packing lines.


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