• Horizontal machines (flowpack) and complete packaging lines with automatic feeding for cheese into pieces, sliced cheese or cheese cubes in trays inside modified atmosphere (MAP).

  • Vertical machines and complete packaging lines for grated hard or soft cheeses, cheese cubes or flakes and more. Modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packaging.

  • Packaging machinery using preformed trays with heat sealable film (tray sealers) and complete lines with automatic tray and product feeding (linear or multihead weighing) for: cheese pieces, slices, flakes, grated cheese, etc. Also packaging machines using thermoformed trays with hot-stamping film (thermoforming machines) and skin pack machines (vacuum tray sealing) for such products.

  • Packaging machines and complete lines using plastic cups and containers for: cream cheese, yoghurts, desserts and similar products in liquid form.


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