About Us

PERFECT PACK was founded in 1994 representing foreign manufacturers of flexible packaging materials and packaging machinery in the Greek market, mainly in the food and consumer goods sector. The company since 2017 operates as PERFECT PACK IKE.


Today the company offers integrated  solutions in the field of food packaging and general consumer goods (machinery & packaging materials) , as well as,  selected food processing machines, through the representation and collaboration with reputable foreign firms.


Also, due to experience and technical expertise Perfect Pack offers technical advice and support, providing optimal solutions either in terms of mechanical equipment or in terms of packaging materials choice for companies of any capacity -  from small businesses to large production units. Successful collaborations with leading foreign companies guarantee reliable, technologically advanced, flexible and innovative solutions to customer needs.


The company offers technical support and after-sales service sworking with experienced Greek technicians and naturally through technicians provided by the foreign firms which are represented.


Its cooperation with companies such as E.I. PAPADOPOULOS SA, CHIPITA SA, ELBISCO SA, NIKAS, GREEK DOUGH - M. ARAMPATZIS, SELECT-STAVROS NENDOS SA, ALFA-Ath, KOYKOYTARIS SA, EVANGELOS TSANOS, ELVIART, EVOIKI ZIMI, OLYMPIC CATERING SA, SA EUREKA, KRI-KRI SA and many other guarantee the product and service quality it offers and provides to its customers.